About SpinDetta

DJ SpinDetta (aka Detta) has been professionally trained by Master Instructors in New York City and has developed a unique style of her own, mashing up a variety of sounds with seemless transitions which has earned her residencies in New York City,  performances at Miami's Winter Music Conference and feature spots on Chicago's WNUR-Jack & Jill Radio Show; as well as her bi-weekly show "Groove DETTAcation" on PhillyNitesRadio.com.
She DJs at a variety of venues, events and private parties.   Her eclectic music library allows her to compile sets like no other. While she spins it all, her passion is House Music.  You can catch her House Sets at various live performances as well as on her "Groove DETTAcation" show on PhillyNitesRadio.com. *please check www.phillynitesradio.com for the latest on-air schedules. You can also listen to some of her mixes on Mixcloud and Soundcloud.   She is a member of the American Disk Jockey Association (ADJA) and is fully insured.  

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